The Gawker Art Blog

We've decided to kick off a new subkinja blog dedicated to the artwork we create here at Gawker Media. A lot of the content you'll find will be shared posts from around the network with images the art team has created, curated into one place. Occasionally, we'll post something else we just like. Maybe we'll post…


Yea, Canada! :)

I am woefully undereducated about Canadian visual artists apart from Haida art, please please please share some favorites in the comments if you have some? The themey visual art posts are stronger and more awesome when we share. That said, my google-fu pulled up some new favorite images.

Dreams & Magritte

In his writings on dream-displacement and distortion, Freud stated that while dreaming, trivial experiences, ideas, and images will be displaced and substituted with something that does not apparently fit. It may seem exciting, or may be unsettling. This displacement is what makes the dream different from every-day…