Degenerate Art

I enjoy the CBS Sunday Morning show. They often have great pieces on art and artist. This morning, they had a piece on art that the Nazi party declared "Degenerate Art" and focused on George Grosz. They interviewed his youngest son Marty who is now 84. (The link doesn't have the video, but they usually add that after a few days.)

Degenerate art was modern art that was considered by the Nazi party and by Hitler to be vulgar and a threat to German identity. In 1937, the Nazi party displayed Degenerate Art that had been confiscated from artists, collectors, and galleries. George Grosz by that time, having faced threats and retribution from the Nazi party, had immigrated to America.

The Neue Galerie in New York City has an exhibition running until June 30th of both Degenerate art pieces that survived the period and art that was approved by the Nazi party. The Neue Galerie is devoted to early twentieth-century German and Austrian art and design. I imagine they are being inundated with interest because I'm having so much trouble navigating the website. It looks like you can download the audio tour. I am unable to travel from Texas to New York to see the exhibition, so if you are in the city and don't go, I will be very disappointed.

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